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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has been reported to survive on some surfaces for up to 17 days, and those infected by the virus may be asymptomatic for approximately two weeks following infection, which has caused difficulties in tracing and containing the spread of the virus.

Local businesses and residents throughout Phoenix, and the surrounding areas, have selected to partner with AZ Sanitizing to perform COVID-19 disinfecting based on our quality of work and expertise. By having a partner like AZ Sanitizing on your side, you will have access to an industry leader in COVID-19 disinfecting. Trust AZ Sanitizing to be your partner to help mitigate your risk and reduce your exposure in fighting this, and other, viruses.

AZ Sanitizing’s approach to COVID-19 mitigation incorporates disinfecting and sanitizing via electrostatic spraying and hand spray and wipe with EPA-registered disinfectants to kill Human Coronavirus, and via UV-C light. We also include pre and post treatment ATP testing to help ensure effective treatments. In addition, we follow a rigorous COVID-19 demobilization process for all equipment, and as always — we preserve the confidentiality of all of our clients.

Why our Expertise Matters

AZ Sanitizing is a leader in the commercial and residential disinfecting and sanitizing industry and has developed comprehensive programs to address proper disinfection and sanitizing applications in environments where pathogens have developed.

Our expertise in disinfection and sanitizing programs includes proper training and state-of-the-art equipment. During an outbreak of a seasonal flu virus or other contagious pathogen, like COVID-19 (Coronavirus), AZ Sanitizing is fully trained and prepared to provide the very best disinfection and sanitizing services.

Cleaning Services vs Disinfecting Services

AZ Sanitizing is not a cleaning company pretending to do professional disinfecting. We specialize in all things disinfecting and sanitizing, and we are the best at it. All surfaces need to be clean prior to applying disinfectant. If cleaning is needed, it will need to be done before we perform our disinfecting services. In our experience, most locations have been well maintained and are clean enough for us to be able to perform our disinfecting services effectively. Heavily soiled areas will need to be cleaned prior to our arrival.


Don't let the Coronavirus continue to impact your home or business any longer. Give AZ Sanitizing a call and let us help you defend against this and other pathogens with the best disinfecting services available. 


Disinfecting services kill viruses on surfaces or objects. All the products we use meet EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

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